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Behavioural Insight to Drive Business Results

Make better decisions around talent

If you understand the behaviours of yourself and others, remarkable things can happen

In business we know that to improve performance most often requires behavioural change. As our knowledge and understanding of human behaviour increases in line with the advances in neuroscience, organisations are starting to truly understand how they use this knowledge to build more effective and high functioning workforces, and to improve performance.

It is an undisputed fact that the brain is the source of all human behaviour and that it stems from biology. How we behave is a result of everything we understand about ourselves and the world around us which is assimilated and stored by our brains. The brain takes this information and chooses how to respond. These responses or outputs manifest as our behaviours.

Parallax does not ‘stereotype’ or ‘label’ people as traditional two-dimensional ‘type or trait’ based systems do. It is rooted in the understanding that each and every one of us is unique, and we have our own way of looking at the world, and situations. This is our perception and we base our decisions and behaviour on this understanding. As no behaviour happens in isolation Parallax looks for patterns of behaviour, emulating the structure and functionality of the brain.

Parallax is a unique behavioural model, it helps you gain a clear understanding of your people and behaviours; so you can develop the talent you have and identify the talent you need.


Behavioural assessments accurately evaluates a person’s likely achievement in their role.

Understanding how someone is likely to behave in their role, how they communicate, how they solve problems, meet their objectives and overcome challenges are critical components for identifying suitability and fit, and could be the difference between success and failure.

Parallax is powered by a truly unique, three dimensional, brain-based model which analyses behaviour in three components: Mindset, Personality and Attitude.


Team spirit or teamwork? Having an awareness of behaviour enables individuals to build trust and foster fruitful work relationships with their colleagues, which is the essence of high functioning and effective teams.

Parallax for teams provides unique insight and ‘eureka’ moments as individuals learn more about each other and appreciate why others behave the way they do.

By providing ‘Clarity’ & building ‘Unity’ you can remove conflict, improve productivity and move from dysfunction & discord to harmony and unification.


Your business is not ‘average’ so why would you compare your people to a benchmark of the ‘average’ population?

Parallax benchmarking accurately identifies both the behaviours required, and the magnitude of such to determine a blueprint for success tailored to your organisation.

Using stakeholder insight and the underpinning of Parallax you can build progressive benchmarks that reduce the risks of mis-hire in recruitment and provide a platform for developing high performance.

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Sales Performance:
Sales has changed, can your people?

If a sales team are given the same opportunities – they have access to the same product information, the same sales training, the same sales enablement tools – why then, do we see such a vast difference in performance across a sales team?

According to LinkedIn an estimated $15Bn was invested by US companies in sales training in 2018, and for those who did not focus on training effective sales managers to make it stick, the likelihood is likely that $13.5Bn of that investment was lost.

Success in sales is a multi-faceted approach. Skills, knowledge and intellect are key elements, as are tenacity and resilience, but identifying the unique behavioural make-up of high performing sales people, and those managers who can coach high performance, are critical in delivering sustainable and profitable results at a time when customers are rightly demanding more value.

Assuming the intellectual prowess is evident in sales teams, behaviours are what sets apart our high performers. All too often areas such as eroding margins, transactional selling and missed targets are seen as a gap in either knowledge or skills, and usually some sort of training will follow.

Instead, businesses need to understand which behaviours are driving this. Is it apathy? Is it lack of ambition? Is it lack of clarity? Is it reactivity?

For over 15 years Parallax has been used by organisations looking to achieve the competitive advantage and future-proof their sales functions.

Address the elephant in the room and understand the impact disfunctional teams have on results

A Gallup Poll conducted in 2018 discovered that 53% of workers are in the “not engaged” category. The results show that they may be generally satisfied but are not cognitively and emotionally connected to their work and workplace; they will usually show up to work and do the minimum required but will quickly leave their company for a slightly better offer.

Helping your employees work well together can not only boost your bottom line but also reduce workplace friction, prevent good people from leaving your company, help your company solve problems more easily than would have otherwise been possible and even lead to the creation of new goods and/or services that will propel your company forward into the future.

We all want to be part of a successful team but we all know that teams can be fraught with challenges around communication, lack of clarity, conflict and resentment. Often, it’s not the work or the organisational processes that create this discord, it’s the way that people behave within the team.

Fractures within a team environment are responsible for biggest loss of productivity and lead to attrition, toxic behaviour and disengagement.

With Parallax for teams you can bring harmony and understanding to your people, improve relationships and drive bottom line results

Why is recruitment so hard?

Every business needs to recruit people to bring in fresh talent, expertise and allow the business the grow. But why does it sometimes feel like we’re taking a gamble?

We’ve all hired someone who came across brilliantly at interview and seemed like a great fit in the ‘psychometric’ tests, and yet they failed in the role. With 85% of HR decision-makers admitting that their businesses had made a bad hire, it’s time to tip the odds in our favour.

The key to successful recruitment is using tools that actually help you to understand how people are likely to behave over time and, in comparison to your benchmark.

The type or trait-based systems on the market try to fit people into neat little boxes, colours or letters. In truth, humans are far too complicated to be distilled down in such a simple way. We are all capable of behaving in every behavioural style, how often we behave in a certain way is far more indicative of our likely deep-level or high impact behaviours.

Systems that compare a person to an ‘norm’ are looking at the challenge from the wrong perspective – what they should be trying to understand is what ‘norm’ looks like in your business. Without comparison to a benchmark you run the risk of hiring people without congruent values and behaviours.

Talk to us and start bringing clarity to your recruitment process.

Parallax is different…

Parallax doesn’t use norm groups, it doesn’t stereotype or put labels on people, and it certainly doesn’t claim that the behaviours in our reports are the only behaviours a person is capable of exhibiting. Unlike other profiling tools, we know that context and environment can change how a person behaves and, behaviour is all about perception. Instead, we use neuroscience and a deep-rooted understanding of behaviour, based on groundbreaking, Nobel-prize winning research which has demonstrated that the best way to understand human behaviour is to use a brain-based model to truly understand how a person is most likely to behave over time.

Parallax is a fully integrated pattern based behavioural profiling system that emulates the structure and functionality of the brain. Emulating the brain, Parallax has a ternary framework, a central core and a combinatory function that generates individual-specific behaviour patterns.

Skills and knowledge are only as good as the person applying them – the distinguishing characteristic is the underlying behaviours.

Once we’ve understood the requirements for the person, using cutting edge technology Parallax can compare the deep-rooted behaviours of people against your benchmark, which is tailored to your business.

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