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Powerful Insight Into People Dynamics


A unique profiling tool that helps businesses gain a clear understanding of people, so they can develop the talent they have, and identify talent they need.


As a solution to solve a specific problem or as a longer-term approach to understanding and developing your people – present and future.


Parallax believes everyone is unique and that as individuals we all demonstrate patterns of behaviour dependent on our circumstances and environment.

Understanding Parallax

The human brain works like a big computer and is the most powerful and highly complex instrument. No other animal has such complex brains. The brain controls every part of our functioning being, processing billions and billions of messages received from the body.

It is the most amazing of organs. It provides us with the ability to think, speak, imagine and problem solve. It is the command centre for our nervous system. Our brain lets us dream, visualise and paint pictures. It shapes how we think, fosters our hopes, desires and aspirations.  It enables us to reason and experience emotions. Ultimately it shapes our behaviour and it makes us unique.

Behavioural Change In Business

In business we know that to improve performance most often requires behavioural change. As our knowledge and understanding of human behaviour increases in line with the advances in neuroscience, organisations are starting to truly understand how they use this knowledge to build more effective and high functioning workforces, and to improve performance.

Classic psychological theory has contributed hugely to our understanding of behaviour over the last 100 years but the insight gained about the brain, and brain biology, over the last 25-30 years has proven that the main drivers of behaviour reside in the biological makeup of our brains.

Parallax is a comprehensive behavioural profiling system based on the most up to date neuro-biological research.

It was first created in the late 80’s and early 90’s on the back of ground-breaking, Nobel-prize winning research which demonstrated that the best way to understand human behaviour is to use a brain-based model.

Parallax is powered by a truly unique, three-dimensional, brain-based model which analyses behaviour in three components: Mindset, Personality and Attitude.

It is an undisputed fact that the brain is the source of all human behaviour and that it stems from biology. How we behave is a result of everything we understand about ourselves and the world around us which is assimilated and stored by our brains. The brain takes this information and chooses how to respond. These responses or outputs manifest as our behaviours.

The world is familiar with the dictum “Know thyself” which is carved on the front of Apollo’s temple in Delphi, and is very poignant in understanding Parallax.

A key aspect to improving individual performance stems from the ability to understand how we behave in certain situations and then apply appropriate moderation and self-regulation.

Parallax does not ‘stereotype’ or ‘label’ people as traditional two-dimensional ‘type or trait’ based systems do. It is rooted in the understanding that each and every one of us is unique, and we have our own way of looking at the world, and situations. This is our perception and we base our decisions and behaviour on this understanding.

Parallax was designed to provide a most comprehensive understanding of ‘self’. It will help the individual understand their behavioural preferences and how they are likely to be perceived by others.

As behaviour is all about perception, there is no such thing as a ‘good or bad’. There are however certain behaviours and preferences that lend themselves better to certain roles and an organisations culture.

With a heightened understanding of oneself we are best placed to improve ours, and our team’s behaviour.

Parallax not only identifies an individual’s high impact behaviours but it looks at the magnitude of the behaviours, how they are formed and the most likely (or predicted) behaviour over time.

As no behaviour happens in isolation Parallax looks for patterns of behaviour, emulating the structure and functionality of the brain.

Since its inception organisations have found Parallax invaluable in transforming their businesses. By establishing the right behaviours across a business, Parallax can be used for improving performance, producing high-functioning leadership teams, accurately identifying role behaviours through benchmarking and recruitment & coaching.