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Parallax helps organisations achieve sustainable behavioural change.  Change starts with knowledge. With Parallax you can deep dive into the heart of your business, gaining a clear insight to understand the behaviours you have and the behaviours you need. With Parallax we put the power at your fingertips, enabling you to harness its incredible depth across every level of your organisation.

There are two ways to make use of Parallax and this is largely defined by your project requirements, scale and timelines.

Use Parallax Consult

If you’re looking to execute a defined project, our consultants will provide you the support, guidance and expertise to achieve your outcomes. Working in close partnership, we will understand your challenges, core objectives and key measurements of success. 

Become an accredited Parallax Practitioner

This is a longer-term, more holistic approach to understanding and developing your people – for the present and future. Invest in training members of your own staff to become Parallax experts.

By doing so, you’re ensuring long-term, sustainable insight into your people dynamics right through the employment life-cycle – reducing attrition, reducing your costs and improving productivity.

Parallax is an incredibly powerful tool and many businesses have found it to be a vital part of their recruitment, training and development strategies.

Once accredited, you will have full access to a suite of tools and comprehensive reports to support your learning & development and talent management teams.